Arrowman Sam

Winner - Cinemagic Young Filmmaker of the Year | Winner - Filmstock Audience Award | Finalist - Cardiff Film Festival | Finalist - Broadcast Young Talent Writer of the Year

Developed into a sitcom pilot script with BabyCow productions

“Welcome to the world of pub darts – a world of fast cars, fast women and free food.

In this comedy mockumentary Cledwyns dreams fall around his snake skin shoes as he grooms his chubby protégé Sam for the stardom he himself recently let slip.

A tale of love, loss and double tops.”

Arrowman Sam – Sam Childs
Cledwyn Moore – Tom Rowson
Steady Eddie – Masato Ando
Arthur Liggett – Peter Rowson
Scarlett Jones – Lily Robinson

Cinematography by Jean-Philippe Gossart

Produced by Raoul Liggett

Written by Tom Rowson

Directed by Tom Rowson and Fraser Duncan