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Top 5 Squirrels Ever – No. 2

Who would win in a fight between your basic squirrel and a mahoosive great big snake? Nope! Guess again. (unless you guessed your basic squirrel in which case stop guessing because you were bang right!)

In at No.2 is Curly Joe, who uses a Muhammad Ali approach to beat the living shit out of a snake. He literally floats like a butterfly and then bites him like a squirrel.

It’s not known for sure why the fight kicked off but its believed to be about nuts. Curly Joe was unavailable for comment.

Top 5 Squirrels Ever – No.3

At number 3 it’s……………the Carling Black Label squirrel!

It’s well known that the 2 happiest sights in the world are a dog with its head out of the window and squirrel with a nut in its mouth. But what about a squirrel with 2 nuts? Well that’s just heaven.

Despite all the awesomeness on the assault course the best bit of the advert is when he gets to all the nuts he’s so excited that he has to eat 2 at once.

Top 5 Squirrels Ever – No.4

Straight in at number 4 in our awesome-most squirrels of all time chart is this plucky mum – seen here eyeing up a dog who’s got  her wee baby.plucky mum

With her husband nowhere to be seen (typical – off with his mates collecting nuts no doubt) she had to take matters into her own hands.

fookin have itKAPPOW!

After some Kung Fu heroics (it looks to use like she’s using the Bruce Lee technique – Jeet Kun Do) she grabbed her little un and they escaped back up the tree for a well earned cuddle.


Now we’re sure that the dog was only having a play and was just loving the little squirrel too hard, he looks pretty sad to see them go, but you can’t mess with a mum when her kids are concerned. Top (squirrel) mumming.

Top 5 Squirrels Ever – No. 5

In the build up to our hard hitting report about grey squirrels, we’re bringing you our top 5 squirrels ever!

In at No. 5 is this young fella. He heard the camera focussing, came to investigate and popped up at just the right time to turn a nice photo of a couple against a stunning backdrop into the awesome-most photo of a couple against a stunning backdrop of all time!