New Moon Review

It’s a bit of a tightrope walk being a celebri-paedo. They are either absolutely fantasized over by millions of teenage girls, as Edward Cullen is - around 100(!) years old but still hanging out in schools waiting for bait that he just can’t resist. 

Or they are reviled, hated and stuck in prison like Gary Glitter, a measly (compared to old Edward) 65 but still an absolute effing C-bag.

Poor old Gary. There’s very little between them.They even have exactly the same hairstyle.

VampireGary Glitter

And that’s not where the similarities end! Well…actually it is where they end. At least Gary released 2 banging songs before everyone realised what an absolute effing C-bag. What has Edward Cullen ever done? Nothing probably.

Right then, the review.

SPOILER ALERT: Twilight and all the sequels are absolute cack.

Obviously we haven’t read or seen any of them – and never will – but if we had to guess then we reckon Bella will totally become a vampire in the end. It’s that shit.

There will be some to-ing and fro-ing, and she’ll like that Werewolf dude for a film because he’s got good abs, but Robert Pattinson has signed on to play Edward Cullen again in the third film so she’s bound to hook up with him and settle down in the last part of the trilogy.

She’ll probably need some reason to leave her totally awesome family who she totally loves, so either they all get totally killed OR they totally will get killed if she doesn’t become a vampire OR he totally gets her up the stick. OR something else equally totally shit.

Who knows? Not us! That’s for sure!!!!

We give New Moon – No Stars.