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Guiness letter

It’s been two months and still no reply, which has left one poor little boy very upset without even a Guiness (and black) to drown his sorrows in.



ribena letter

Everyone needs a news year resolution and here at Gin Riot we’ve resolved to step up our correspondance.

Our main man Darren has been on the case and sent this letter to Ribena.

Happy New Year xx

Darren’s second moet reply

Scroll down to read Darren’s second reply (of three) to Moet and Chandon – complete with a stunning photo of the cork he sent them!

Here’s the whole epic saga in full – starting with the letter sent to 14 champagne companies. Click on any image to enlarge.

shotgun bolly


bonjour again

hey you guys

And now Darren’s second reply.

avec cork

Darren’s first Moet reply

A great friend of the site, Oli Hudson, once told us that if a champagne company sends you 2 letters in a row then the ONLY thing you can do is send them 3 in a row back. It seems to apply perfectly to this situation.

To read the earlier letters in this epic saga, follow the links below.

1. Darren’s first letter

2. Moet’s reply

3. Moet’s follow up letter

And now Darren’s first reply. Click on image to enlarge.

hey you guys

Part 2 coming soon.

another reply

It turns out, letters from champagne companies are a lot like buses. You wait about a month for one to come along and then Moet & Chandon start stalking you.

The old postal strike may have delayed their first letter (click here to read) getting here, but now we’ve received a follow up only 4 days later which, frankly, smacks of desperation.

Bloody chill out, Moet & Chandon.

At least they haven’t cut all the letters out individually and glued them on.

bonjour again

Don’t worry guys, we will get back to you. And we’ll send you a cork. Or two (probably 3).

a reply! (x2)

A while back our main man Darren Reynolds sent a letter to Bollinger (which you can read by clicking here) to see if a posh champagne company could be bothered to reply to a common man.

Well, they couldn’t be bothered. But luckily Darren adopted a carpet bombing approach and sent the same letter to fifteen other champagne companies. And now…. he’s only gone and got TWO (count them) replies.

The best is this one from Mr Moet and Mrs Chandon. Click on image to enlarge.

bonjour again

Cattier were also kind enough to reply and enclosed a lovely technical drawing of a bottle (click here) so if you’ve always want to build your own bottle now you’ve got the design – get on with it.  WARNING – Basic French required.

If you are going to splash out on champagne we now recommend Moet & Chandon or Cattier – but really Cava is a lot cheaper and tastes almost exactly the same (as far as we know).

a letter to Bollinger

If you believe fat fucks people like Michael Moore, and his new film Capitalism: A Love Story, then big companies have lost touch with the common man. Well, they don’t come any more common than our main man Darren Reynolds, who has agreed to test this theory to it’s limits by writing a thoroughly lovely letter to one of these “so called” companies, Bollinger, to see if they can be bothered to reply.

It’s science at its absolute best!

Click on Dazza’s note below to zoom in or out. HA!, and they say “letter writing is a dead artform”!!

shotgun bolly