Top Squirrels Ever – No. 1

Some photos become iconic and adorn the walls of student campuses the world over – the Nirvana baby, the Reservoir Dogs standoff, and the ones of Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears getting out of taxis with no knickers.

And now this (which is on our fridge, at least*) – a squirrel bloody team shot!!!

The A-Team

AND WHAT A TEAM! Back left is BA – hard, surly, just going about his business pitying fools. Face is at front flirting, using his tail to be as sexy as is squirrely possible.

Murdoch is back right and has positioned his tail to make it look like he has gigantic testicles. And back middle is Hannibal, who loves it so much when a squirrel team shot comes together he’s put his arm round his good buddy Murdock.

All these squirrels kinda make a collective Number 1, but Hannibal is the out and out winner cause he seems to love being in a photo as much as we love looking at it.

* = and probably most